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We know that finding impactful talent development support for yourself and your organization can be overwhelming. That’s why we created a one-stop shop for your leadership development and training needs. Our founder has served in senior talent development roles for large organizations and understands first-hand the value of developing quality partnerships with external training providers that, over time, become an extension of your existing HR and training team. Throughout her career, in addition to personally developing award-winning leadership development and training programs, she has curated a network of strategic partnerships and industry professionals that provide specialized talent development support.

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The Leadership and Training Concierge caters to businesses across industries by providing a wide range of in-house and curated referral services including executive coaching, team assessments, team building, training programs, and one-on-one consulting. With a variety of different service options designed specifically for you and your business, we are sure to have something in-house or within our broad referral network that will help you reach your goals.

Don’t let yourself become overwhelmed in the ever-changing world of talent development; our mission is to make sure your success comes first, always! So why not let us be your personal Leadership and Training Concierge in the journey toward success?

Outcome-Based Development Model

We are not your typical consulting firm. We are a talent development concierge that operates with “outcome-based development” in mind. This means that making sales does not drive our core operations; helping you achieve your leadership and training outcomes does. To realize this, we leverage our four core values of integrity, service, co-creation, and partnership to ensure your needs come first, always!  We are dedicated to helping you execute your leadership development and training strategy easier and more efficiently by partnering with us to help you design, source, and provide specific programs and services that can be too time-consuming, specialized, or intricate for your existing internal HR or training team to deliver.


Outcome-based development places the focus on developing specific outcomes or skills in learners, rather than simply delivering training content. In this approach, there are three main roles: stakeholders, facilitators, and learners. This approach encourages a more targeted and strategic approach to talent development, leading to more effective outcomes and better alignment with the organization’s goals.

Stakeholders might include business leaders, human resources, and talent development professionals who have a vested interest in the skills and outcomes that are being developed. The stakeholders are responsible for identifying the desired outcomes and defining the skills and competencies that are required to achieve those outcomes.
Facilitators include trainers, coaches, or other learning professionals who are responsible for designing and delivering the learning experiences that will help learners develop the desired skills and outcomes. Facilitators work closely with stakeholders to ensure that the learning experiences are aligned with the desired results and are tailored to the specific needs of the learners.
Learners are the individuals who are being developed and are responsible for actively participating in the learning experiences and applying what they have learned to achieve the desired outcomes. Learners are encouraged to take ownership of their own development and are provided with the resources and support they need to achieve the desired outcomes.

Our Services

Welcome to The Leadership and Training Concierge, a talent development concierge that offers a comprehensive range of in-house and curated referral services to help businesses achieve their leadership development and training goals. Our services include:

Leadership Coaching

Our certified coaches provide personalized coaching that help leaders develop their skills, build their confidence, and achieve their goals.

360 Assessments

Our 360 assessments provide a comprehensive view of an individual's performance and leadership competencies, helping them identify strengths and areas for development.

Behavioral Assessments

We offer behavioral assessments such as the Predictive Index to help individuals and teams identify their strengths and weaknesses, and develop strategies to improve team dynamics and performance.

Team Building

Our team building programs are designed to promote collaboration, communication, and problem-solving skills. We offer a variety of fun and interactive activities that help teams work together more effectively.

Training Programs

We provide a wide range of customized on-site and virtual training programs that address specific leadership and training needs. Our programs are designed to be engaging, interactive, and focused on achieving desired learning outcomes.

Publishing Support and Coaching

We are passionate about helping professionals share their message and ideas through short books and ebooks. To this end, we offer support and coaching for writers of short, non-fiction books, including publishing assistance, editing, and coaching on the writing process.

One-on-One Consulting

We offer personalized consulting services that help businesses develop and implement effective leadership development and training strategies. Our consultants work closely with clients to understand their needs, design solutions, and provide ongoing support.

Instructional Design and eLearning Development

Each member of our multi-award-winning design team brings more than 20 years of experience developing courses across various industries and verticals.

At The Leadership and Training Concierge, we believe that each client is unique and deserves customized solutions that meet their specific needs. Our services are designed to be flexible, adaptable, and scalable to meet the ever-changing demands of the business world. Let us help you unlock you and your team’s potential and achieve your leadership and training goals.

Our Values

Living our value of partnership means leaning into an “outcome-based development” approach and recognizing when your needs are a fit for our in-house talent or for one of our experienced industry professionals. We will never attempt to deliver services outside our expertise for the sake of making a sale; we provide direct referrals to industry professionals in our curated network to ensure you receive the exceptional support and service you need, every time.

Living our value of co-creation means that we take time to understand what your leadership development and training needs are, and we work together with you to design or source a solution that meets your goals and intended learning outcomes.

Living our value of integrity means transparent and honest communication, and honoring our three pillars of integrity: Our client’s intended outcomes and goals, our personal expertise, and the expertise of our strategic partnerships.

Living our value of service means that in all our interactions with our clients and strategic partners, we abide by the motto, “Do what you love in the service of those who love what you do.”

Thought Leadership

The Leadership and Training Concierge is committed to thought leadership across a diverse range of topics. As part of this commitment, we not only publish our own books and resources to share our expertise with our clients, but we also offer author support through personalized coaching and publishing assistance to help our clients bring their own ideas to life. Our goal is to be a trusted resource for those seeking knowledge and guidance in leadership and training, and we take pride in contributing to the thought leadership conversation.

About Us

Morgan Massie

Meet Morgan, an award-winning leadership development professional, ICF certified coach, and published author and contributor of multiple best-selling books. As the CEO and Founder of the Leadership and Training Concierge, Morgan is passionate about providing empowering development opportunities that reenergize, align, connect, and inspire. She strongly believes in the value of partnerships and connection, and her multifaceted approach to talent development emphasizes the importance of fostering relationships that drive success.

Morgan holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, a master’s degree in Instructional Technology/Instructional Systems Design, and a specialization in Positive Psychology and Resilience. Currently, she is pursuing a Ph.D. in Business Management with a focus on Leadership.

In addition to her work with the Leadership and Training Concierge, Morgan is committed to supporting individuals across the community. As President and Co-Founder of the nonprofit, Change RHYTHM, she collaborates with community colleges and workforce development programs to offer resilience and change programming.

Morgan believes in the importance of leaning into one’s natural strengths and pursuing personal interests. In her free time, Morgan is a self-taught watercolorist specializing in wildlife portraiture.

Through her coaching, writing, and community involvement, Morgan continues to inspire and help others achieve their full potential. Her unwavering dedication to empowering individuals and organizations to create a greater impact in the workplace and beyond has gained her a reputation as a respected thought leader in her field.

Our Strategic Partners

Our strategic partners play a crucial role in providing exceptional support and service. We collaborate as a partner or affiliate with multiple firms. As such, we may involve or provide direct referrals to these industry professionals in our curated network to ensure our clients receive the best possible service.


“Working with Morgan at The Leadership and Training Concierge was a total game-changer for me. Her leadership coaching was spot-on and made a huge difference! Thanks a million.” – S. Patel, Marketing Specialist

“I’ve had the privilege of working with Morgan even before she launched The Leadership and Training Concierge. Her unique blend of directness and empathy left a lasting impact on me. She has an innate ability to cut through the noise and guide you towards actionable steps, all while making you feel truly heard and understood. Seeing her expand her reach through her new leadership and training venture is no surprise – it’s a testament to her dedication to empowering individuals and driving change. Excited to witness her continued success.” – A. Reynolds, Executive Director

“I am immensely grateful for the transformative experience I had under Morgan’s leadership coaching at The Leadership and Training Concierge. Her strategic insights and empathetic approach reshaped my perspective. With her guidance, I spearheaded a successful departmental restructuring, resulting in increased productivity and team morale.” – S. Roberts, Director of Operations

“I highly recommend Morgan and The Leadership and Training Concierge for resilience coaching. Her techniques helped me conquer challenges with newfound strength. I’m grateful for her support.” – J. Nguyen, Project Manager

“As a facilitator of change management programs, Morgan from The Leadership and Training Concierge displayed expertise that was pivotal in driving a seamless transition during our merger. Her structured approach, from stakeholder engagement to communication strategies, ensured minimal disruption and a swift alignment of our teams. Thank you.” – R. Williams, HR Director

“When I reached out to The Leadership and Training Concierge for an onsite training on a tight budget, I was pleasantly surprised by their proactive approach. They went the extra mile to connect me with a local facilitator who was right for our needs. This not only kept our program within budget but also ensured a tailored and impactful experience. Grateful for their dedication to our success.” – P. Thompson, Training Coordinator

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