Maintaining Work-Life Balance

Join Morgan Massie (CEO and founder) and the Forbes Coaches Council as they discuss effective strategies for recharging and maintaining work-life balance in the midst of leadership challenges.

I’m lucky to have a family cabin off the grid that we can escape to when things get stressful. When we visit, we’re unplugged from devices too. It’s like a mini-digital detox. This helps me cut ties to emails and work priorities, even if just for the weekend. I can finally be present with myself, my family, and nature’s beauty.

As a leadership coach, I often get a ringside view of the whirlwind that leaders navigate every day – and let’s admit it, balancing work and life can get a bit blurry!

In a recent article that I contributed to, a handful of us from the Forbes Coaches Council opened up about how leaders can recharge their batteries, even without the luxury of a week-long escape.

There was a pretty clear theme across contributors: Leaders need to be better at setting (and keeping) clear work/life boundaries.

When it’s time to unwind, it’s time to detach. No emails, no work calls – Dive into activities that genuinely relax your mind. Because guess what? The world won’t come crashing down if you’re not glued to your screen.

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