It all began to address a problem.

Is it possible to change the way we each, individually, react to change?

What are the best skills to develop in order to improve our personal change resilience?


We rumbled with these questions.

  …because we’ve witnessed many people struggle through change, while others seem to SOAR. Why is this? Our search for answers grew into a unique collaborative effort, and we aim to cultivate a community that openly shares insight and provides charitable support to those in need.



Because we share a vision of a world in which people cultivate the ability to seek opportunities for growth amid change instead of feeling as though they are limited or restricted because of it. And because we believe everyone should have free access to resources to help them succeed through personal change.

Change Warriors Coaching Program

The Change RHYTHM Warriors program is a charitable 2-month free coaching program for committed individuals who are seeking a coach to help them navigate the challenges associated with a personal change. Individuals are matched with credentialed coaches and professionals who volunteer their time for this purpose. Our coaching program is intended to provide valuable support and guidance to individuals who otherwise would not be able to afford coaching services, and/or those who are interested in exploring the benefits a coach can provide.

If you are interested in receiving coaching, tell us more about your situation on our Contact Us page.


Seeking Experienced Coaches to Join Our Community!

Change RHYTHM Warriors program includes a volunteer network of professionals who care about supporting others through personal change. The program matches individuals in need with experienced professionals with formal life and career coach training who are willing to take on one individual on a pro bono basis for a 2-month period. Pro-bono coaching hours can be applied towards some professional coaching credentials* and help accelerate the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

Do you feel called to volunteer as a Change RHYTHM coach? Visit the Contact Us page to get started.

*Confirm the use of pro-bono coaching hours with your certifying institution.