360 Feedback Assessments: Looking at Leadership from All Angles

When it comes to leadership development, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. A great leader has a unique combination of skills and abilities, and 360 feedback assessments aim to provide a comprehensive picture of what those skills look like in action. Let’s dive into why 360 feedback assessments are an impactful tool for developing exceptional leaders.

What is a 360 Feedback Assessment?

A 360 feedback assessment is designed to gather feedback from multiple sources on the performance of an individual in their role as a leader. This type of assessment allows individuals to get accurate insights into their leadership style from various perspectives, including peers, subordinates, managers, customers, and other stakeholders. The goal is to help the individual identify strengths and weaknesses so that they can develop strategies for improvement.

The Benefits of Using a 360 Feedback Assessment

360 feedback assessments have many benefits when used as part of a leadership development program. First and foremost, the assessment provides invaluable insight into how the individual is perceived by their colleagues, which helps them understand their strengths and weaknesses more accurately than ever before. Additionally, it identifies potential areas of improvement that can be addressed through targeted training or coaching programs. Finally, it increases engagement among team members who may feel safer providing honest feedback when they know it will remain anonymous.

As you can see, using a 360 feedback assessment as part of your leadership development program can be incredibly beneficial for both individuals and teams alike!


360 feedback assessments are powerful tools for developing effective leaders. They provide comprehensive insight into how an individual is perceived by those around them while also identifying potential areas for growth and improvement. Plus, they increase engagement among team members by enabling honest conversations about the individual’s performance in a safe environment where everyone’s input is respected and appreciated. If you want to take your leadership development program to the next level, consider incorporating 360 feedback assessments in your next leadership development initiative.