Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.

Leadership development and training consultants often find themselves competing in a crowded and competitive space, which can make it difficult for one small firm to stand out from the rest. Sound familiar? 

…What if we looked at this phenomenon through the lens of abundance instead of scarcity?

By joining forces with strategic partners, leadership development and training consultants can springboard out of a competitive landscape by sharing successes. With that approach, everyone has reason to celebrate- after all, we’re all in this together!

IMHO, we all need to embrace the idea that there’s plenty of business opportunities to go around. Instead of competing with each other for clients and projects, we can work together for our mutual benefit for the win-win situation.

I’ve been talking about “abundance mindset” lately. Well…Building and nurturing strategic partnerships is just one more way to tap into the benefits of an abundance mindset — when we establish relationships with people who have similar goals, everyone will benefit from increased exposure and opportunities.

But How?

Leverage your existing network.

This means connecting with other consultants who can refer business your way, building relationships with influential people in leadership arenas who can vouch for your work, and joining affiliate groups that will provide you with opportunities for exciting collaboration and access to sellable content and services.

By creating relationships with those whom we may have once considered our competitors, or those who offer services that expand or complement our own, we can effectively harness the power of an abundance mindset, get more referrals, build greater trust in our collective brands, and make more money for our respective practices.